Updates about Xposed Framework for Android

If you are really into modifying your system and experience more optimization, you must be a fan of Xposed Framework. It comes with pretty exciting features and functions aiming at the highest system changes. So if you have root privileges and looking forward to more opportunities, Xposed Android is a great path. Let’s see some more about the opportunity together with its updates.

Xposed Framework

About Xposed Framework for rooted Android

Rather than taking so much effort and time on flashing ROM get more features on your Android, you can easily install Xposed Framework. It allows applying add-ons which in the other way call modules. So without spending much effort and time, you can add features to the ROM through Xposed installer. But for the sad fact, Xposed does not support well for all the Android versions. And it reports some problems on Android Nougat and also reports some troubles on Samsung devices as well.

Should you root Android?

Android rooting allows the devices to get the best of it by uncovering the true potentials. So if you are planning to get Xposed Framework for Android, you need to root Android. And we recommend you to follow iRoot APK from the link here in order to complete your Superuser attempts. With the APK version of iRoot, you can experience all root without the troubles of PC connections.

Xposed framework vs Magisk

If you have been in touch with all the root news so far, you must about Magisk root even a little. In concern, both these have similarities and Magisk wins more attention with its systemless nature. The xposed framework simply comes in the purpose of system modifications so as the Magisk. But when Xposed Android limits the user from some features like Google Pay, Pokemon Go, Netflix etc, Magisk comes in a smarter approach with no changes on the system and using boot partition instead. So it allows to hide root instead of unrooting completely. And for the interesting fact, both these can be used together. In fact, Xposed installer can be installed as a Magisk module with no harm to the systemless nature.

Xposed Android

Final words

If you have rooted the Android and looking for more benefits, it is the right time to get with Xposed Framework. And with the updated version, you can get more interesting modules to make the whole experience greater. So give a try and change how your Android acts.